Electric kilns

The electric kilns which are produced by us, have bottom air distribution. Electric heaters are placed along the entire length of the furnace chamber. It allows an optimum temperature distribution.
This principle allows the hot air to flow freely and transfer temperature to the painted workpieces inside the kiln. We offer both thermo-circulating and gravity-fed kilns.
The kilns can be designed for top or bottom transport.
In the system of top transport the details (pieces)  are hung on the specially prepared beams. Those beams move along in the furnace located guides. This type of transport is used for medium and heavy load.
In the bottom system of transport, the pieces are placed on a trolley . This trolley “travel” outside the kiln – on an external trolley.
Bottom transport is mainly used for small and medium loads in small powder paint shops.
Technical characteristics

The gravity electric kiln with  thermos-flow:

  • electric heaters placed at the bottom of the kiln,
  • double door,
  • protective grid for heaters,
  • gravity/thermo-circulation method,
  • semi-automatic control,
  • silicone gasket,
  • chimney/chimney on actuator with fan,
  • 20 mm mineral wool insulation,
  • bottom transport two bogies,
  • top transport three rails.

Photos of our products