oil and gas kilns

Oil and gas kilns which are produced by us, are equipped with lateral heat exchangers in which the air circulation is forced by a set of radial fans. The air, which is taken from the heating chamber, is forced onto the combustion chamber elements heated up by the burner, and then returns to it, where it is distributed through a special set of blades which allows an optimum temperature distribution.
The operation of our furnaces is guided by automation combined with electronics based on parts from very renowned manufacturers such as for example SIEMENS, HAGER, EATON, ENDA.
While doing the control panel we pay attention to the ease of use and reliability. It is important when we work under the harsh conditions.
Technical characteristics:
  • external 6540mm x 2690mm x 3300mm (L x H x W),
  • internal 6200mm x 2100mm x 1500mm (L x H x W),
  • heat exchanger,
  • oil/gas burner (produced by the Swiss company Riello),
  • automatic control,
  • intelligent temperature measurement,
  • exchanger overheating protection,
  • furnace temperature sensor,
  • flue gas temperature sensor acting as exchanger overheating protection,
  • fuel filter,
  • air intake to the burner,
  • top or bottom transport,
  • semi-automatic control,
  • insulation 200 mm wool two layers,
  • explosion-proof locks,
  • double door,
  • silicone seal,
  • chimney/chimney with actuator and fan with automatic ventilation cycle,
  • top or bottom transport of pieces.

Photos of our products: