Bath Tubes

Our firm – the Libra company has an experience since 2004 in designing and creating powder coating process lines.
We would like to show and present you our bath tubes which were constructed especially for entrepreneurs who value the good quality and reasonable price. All the baths are made of solid and good quality materials.
In order to create the tubs we use both chromium-nickel and acid-resistant steel. It depends on the customer’s requirements. The outer casing of the tub is made of insulation and black powder-coated steel.
The heating medium in our unit can be:
  • electric heaters directly immersed into the water or giving off energy through a double-coated construction, where between the coats there is transformer oil transferring the temperature to the washing medium,
  • a venous heat exchanger system - the washing medium is heated by the exchange of heat from the central heating system,
  • heat exchanger located in a bath with a gas or oil burner.
 Water movement is forced by:
  • by means of a pump,
  • compressed air.
 Bath tubes which are built by us can have basket conveyors between the stages of surface preparation.