The automatic washer

The automatic washer for preparing  surfaces  coating.

It is a closed washer so there is no possibility for the liquid (sprayed inside) to escape outside.

The tunnel is constructed and shaped in such a way that there is no possibility of bath transfer between tanks. Three tanks=three baths.

Circulation pumps draw the chemistry automatically from the individual tanks and pump the liquid into manifolds equipped with nozzles, which spray the parts to be cleaned with the appropriate power and pressure.
The running time of each bath is set so that the component is well prepared for painting after the whole technological operation.
The length of the washer and the number of spray zones depends on the Customer's requirements, and on the anti-corrosion requirements of the coating, which is going to be machined.
Technical characteristics:

Our automatic washer is constructed from the following basic assemblies:

  • oil or electrically heated chemical tanks,
  • liquid tanks between 1500 and 1700 l,
  • three stages of operation,
  • thermal insulation,
  • operating temperature up to 60 deg. c,
  • 170-230 interchangeable nozzles,
  • semi-automatic control,
  • dirt separator,
  • top transport,
  • single-sided or pass-through,
  • acid-resistant design,
  • filtration without discharge into waste water,
  • no environmental problems.

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