The manual washer

Libra has experience since 2004 in designing and creating powder coating lines.
We would like to present to you a manual washer created especially for entrepreneurs who value high quality and a reasonable price. Our  washer  is built of solid, high-quality materials.
With a great deal of experience in the needs of small and medium sized paint shops, we have created a 6000 L x 2000 W x 2500 H wash for you to meet the needs of surface preparation before powder coating.
The requirements for powder coating chemicals are:
  • liquid pressure 1-1.5,
  • appropriate concentration,
  • liquid temperatures of 40-60 degrees celsius.
Our hand washers have a dual method of supplying liquid with low pressure up to 2 atmospheres or high pressure up to 80 atmospheres.
As standard, our machine has two 1000 litre heated tanks - a scrubber and a chemical tank.
We pay attention to the big tank witch chemistry. It guarantees us:
Long-lasting working  parameters of chemistry; small tank, chemistry does not keep parameters=no effect) adequate insulation of the tank maintains the right temperature

The liquid is carried out by two separate systems. Switching between stages takes place automatically.

The washer has a large basin with a working grid surrounded by walls made of pvc curtains or chromium-nickel sheet. It is possible to enter the washer or wash by standing in front of it.
Technical characteristics:

The washer is equipped with:

  • two chrome-nickel steel tanks of 1000 l each,
  • three pumps, two for liquid feeding and one for liquid returning,
  • a high-pressure pump,
  • two heaters to heat up the tanks, scrubber 3 kw chemistry 6 kw,
  • two separate liquid feed systems,
  • control with two temperature gauges,
  • thermostat,
  • liquid level indicator,
  • two tank emptying taps,
  • catchment area,
  • lattice,
  • side walls.

Photos of our products: